Planning Your Vegetarian Ketogenic Meal

When it comes to starting a new diet, there’s one thing all of us agree on – “You must have a plan”


But figuring out a meal plan on your own is not easy, especially when the diet is not common to many people. There’s where we come in, to help you get prepared and organized, planning out the meal with appropriate nutrients.

Tracking your food is optional but it’s highly recommended. You don’t need to get too stress about hitting the nutrients level. What you should be doing is to cook and prepare meal that achieve the right ratio.

And we know…

There will be time you have to break your ketogenic diet for a day or two (example, attending a wedding dinner or going for a gathering). It’s absolutely fine as you can pick up your keto diet once again.

That is what we did too during our vege-keto journey. This diet has become our lifestyle yet we can still accommodate to our daily activities even when we travel around!

But when you have plan, you’ll never go off track, even after some side track from time to time.

So, you all ready?


How to Plan Your Meal?

No matter is nutrition institute, health studies or research, it is suggested that we should be eating different types of food in the right proportions in order to achieve the ideal nutrition consumption for our body.

As we have mentioned during the topic about knowing what our body needs, we have to take in the nutrients coming from both macronutrients and micronutrients

The benchmarks intake for a person (not considering the gender, age, metabolism and daily activities) is as follow:

(source: bbcgoodfood)

This serves as a guidance only as we require different needs for energy and nutrients.

You may start scratching your head, wondering how possibly can you count the calories from the food?


Here we are again! Going forward, we will explain and recommend the types of food input where you can incorporate into your daily 3 meals. Our aim is to make it easier to understand, so we have separated into 4 meal plan – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


Recommended Breakfast Meal Plan

Breakfast, usually the fastest meal to complete as many people are rushing to work, or maybe some of you will bring your breakfast to the work desk, powering up the PC while biting away your breakfast.  And because of such habits, there are many pre-prepared breakfast sold on the market. Item such as cereals, porridge, cakes, breads etc.

Many breakfast meal rely heavily on processed food which is not recommended by us.

What we recommend is to have a good protein based breakfast to start your day. The preparation doesn’t take much longer either, if you know what are the protein-rich ingredient to start of.

So you can make use of the top protein starter like eggs, tofu, tempeh, walnut or almonds.

The type of dishes can be:

  • Toast tofu and salad bowl
  • Zucchini noodles with walnut
  • Cheese omelette

Choosing the right food to start your day is pretty important. The protein of your breakfast can also helps you feel fuller and you tend to eat lesser for the rest of the day.


Recommended Lunch Meal Plan

Now you have quite a good amount of protein for your morning, your next meal should mixture of protein with more fats and some micronutrients. Afternoon is going to be another long day before you got home for a good rest. You’ll need meals that can gives you the energy to manage the day.

We focus on eating right types of fats which includes avocado, cheese, butter and nuts. And include low-carb veggies for other nutrients.

The type of dishes to consider will be:

  • Full bowl of greenfy salad with avocado & olive oil
  • Cheese thyme pancakes
  • Baked broccoli with cheese dip
  • Sesame Tofu with Bok Choy
  • Spinach zoodle

Having the right portion of food for lunch can last you right till evening. No craving for additional bites with great energy. What’s next will be a beautiful dinner meal with your family or love ones!


Recommended Dinner Meal Plan

For the dinner meal, we can combine healthy fats with fibre-rich food and send some micronutrients to your body. This can helps you with your digestion and reduce possibility of constipation, keeping you healthier.

Let see the types of dishes to enjoy:

  • Red curry with mushroom
  • Cauliflower rice with cheese
  • Baked spinach pizza
  • Cheese stuffed peppers

You don’t want to reduce your protein and fats intake during dinner as they are the source to repair your body during the night. Protein are main repair nutrients to keep your hair and skin healthy.


We have done with the main meal plan, let’s see what are the chewy snack plan we can have when we do have some craving at any point of the day.


Recommended Snack Meal Plan

Many people thought that vegetarian and ketogenic is going to be boring meal with no snacks to enjoy. You’ll be surprised with the next recommended meal plan for delicious healthy snacks:

Bake zucchini chips

Keto coffee cake

Dark chocolate almond muffins

Bake kale chips

Blueberries smoothie

Blend coconut smoothing cream

Have you noticed how much food menu we can create? Vege-keto diet is never a boring diet plan. What we focus is to eat a variety of food dishes yet building a healthy lifestyle.


Bottom Line

This Start Here guide you’ve gone through has given you a head start on how a vegetarian can benefit from ketogenic diet and how ketogenic can be a plant-base diet.

Most importantly, we can get the benefits from both vegetarian diet and ketogenic diet into one diet, at the same time reducing possible weakness from both type of diet and eat only the best out both world.

Without personally benefiting from this diet, we won’t be sharing this awesome journey with you.

And we believe, it can help you and your family too.

Well, we are definitely not going to stop here either…

We will be exploring more recipes – delicious and exclusive Asian Fusion types, sending them right to your inbox.

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