Myth Busted: Ketogenic Diet

Myth Busted: Ketogenic Diet

I am sure you know about keto diet (that’s why you landed here!) and probably heard some discouraging feedback about picking up this diet.

I wouldn’t deny with the growing popularity of ketogenic diet all over the news, magazine, online and even during gym workout, many things being mention are true while some aren’t really true as well.

If you’ve make the decision to start this amazing journey, we have prepared you a guide on 5 ways to get into ketosis fast. On top of that, you may read through this myth-busted guide to lead you properly on your vegetarian ketogenic pathway to healthier lifestyle.

There are several myths out there pertaining to the process of keto diet and today, we going to bust the top 5 myths to get your forward with confidence:

#1 Myth – You can have as many fats as you want

To start your keto diet and get into ketosis mode, you have to know what is the nutrient ratio to achieve. An effective ketosis is when you are taking in the combination of 75 – 80% fats, less than 5% of carbs & around 10 – 15% of protein.

75 – 80% of fat from your daily meal doesn’t means you can eat all type of fats you want. We are looking into a healthy lifestyle, a healthier body with lesser illness or disease and feeding yourself with saturated fats can only leads to more diseases.

In vegetarian keto diet, we are able to replace the unwanted saturated fats with good fats like nuts and seeds, avocado, cheese and high quality olive oil. The right intake of fats with protein is the goal keto diet is working on, but still you can enjoy more fatty meal than other diet meals!

#2 Myth – This is High protein diet

Another common myth and dangerous out that stating that we have to take in high amount of protein to maintain the effectiveness of keto diet.

A big NO NO to this myth!

As mentioned previously, we are only looking at 10-15% of protein intake. Protein we take in is to increase the level of  ketones in our body. However…. When protein intake gets too high, it actually result in converting excess protein into glucose, giving you an anti ketogentic effect!

#3 Myth – It’s for Weight loss only, we can stop once we lose weight

We can’t deny that weight loss is one of the attractive point for anyone going into ketogenic diet. But do you know, you can still gain weight during or even after adopting this diet?

Many people thought that weight loss is directly effect of high fat low carb. In actual fact, the whole process can be simplified by understanding the rules that more calories intake (no matter from fat or protein or other source), the more weight you going to gain.

So it is very possible to gain weight while taking this diet, especially if you’re not following the diet correctly.

Bottom line, benefits of the ketogenic diet is far more than just weight loss — they also include regulating hormone production, helping to regulate blood sugar level, improving cognitive functioning, improving digestive health, and even reduce the risk of cancer and disorders like diabetes or heart disease.

#4 Myth – You going to lose muscle mass!

This is a common myth to anyone who read about keto diet. When we first started our keto diet journey, we experience muscle cramp. Not because we are losing muscle mass, but we are lacking in magnesium and potassium intake (this is pretty common when your nutrients required are not properly calculated and monitored).

In fact, after so many years in this diet, we gain muscle through the regular workout we have.

The changes of our fuel source from carbs to fats doesn’t reduce our energy level (we are still taking in the amount of calories we need daily). Oppositely, the reduce of carbs intake actually increase our daily energy level. We felt more refresh in the day and we can exercise longer, pumping our muscle more after we are on this journey.

Furthermore, the change from typical keto diet to vegetarian keto doesn’t have any effect on this area too.

#5 Myth – Keto can only be for short period of time

Why do people think that keto is not beneficial in long term?

It’s because of the first myth (fats!), the misunderstanding of high fat intake that can raise potential harm to our body.

The truth is, there’s no time limit to keto diet. To use, it’s a lifestyle we’ve adopted. We can be in keto diet for a month and break the cycle (but eating more carbs) when we attend a dinner gathering. After that we went back to ketosis cycle again. It works! There’s no hard fast rule with the timing, this is all about figuring what works best for your lifestyle.

We believe you’ve heard more comments about this diet, share with us what’s your take?

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