Is Ketogenic Diet Suitable for Vegetarians

Is Ketogenic Diet Suitable for Vegetarians

Are you searching the answer if it’s possible to adopt a plant-based Vegetarian diet since typical Ketogenic diet are mostly meat source?

The answer is very clear that this is very very possible.


Many years back when we first started ketogenic diet, our main purpose is to have a healthier body. We went through tons of research and reading, finding out if it’s true our body doesn’t require full carbohydrate and sugar to function well.

True enough, our body is amazing. And the science today makes a great effort to help us understand our body without being a scientist!

If you already knows the concept of how ketogenic diet works, you know we can alter our body to live a better life we deserve.

And recently, we made the decision to protect life and the choice to turn vegetarian – meaning no meat in our meals…

Your doubt raised… Can it really be done?

The preparation of a vegetarian ketogenic diet (in short we called it vege-keto) is not hard. We just to takes a little extra thought, what can be eaten, what cannot be eaten and what must be eaten.

As we’ve already discussed, ketogenic way to eating is to reduce the amount of sugar intake which our body can switch to using fat as its primary fuel source. And the increase of fats and protein will comes mainly from meats.

If you read before, there are studies indicating high consume of meat makes our body more acidic, in a way may not be good to body. And turning your diet to vegetarian can remove this potential problem.

On the other side, vegetarian diet is known to be high in carbohydrate as they need carbs to be the energy source. Carbs that are converted to sugar for energy may residue inside our body when we didn’t use them fully, turning up your weight and increase the difficulties to reduce weight. Furthermore, vegetarian faced the problem of protein lack (as no meat is taken) and little do they know we can easily get our protein source from vegetables and nuts.

We know and understand from all the research we did, what’s why we pick from the best of both world, both from vegetarian and ketogenic to adopt this vege-keto diet.

This diet is not a newly discovered. The increase of discussion for this diet happen as more and more people are turning into ketogenic diet, in which we realise the need to help vegetarian to gain the health benefit from this diet too.

And on the other hand, we can also help those who are on keto diet to integrate more plants into their meal without breaking their diet ya?

So have we answer your question if vegetarian can also adopt keto diet?

I bet by now you have the glimpse about this vegetarian ketogenic diet. The matter here is not about the diet, its about what your body need and what you consume.

Over at Veketarian, we are looking at building a lifestyle, not just another diet plan.

We want you to be able to simply prepare, cook and eat the appropriate daily meals where you will have a clean and healthier body as the result.

There’s many recipe out there, may it be vegetarian or ketogenic recipes and we have tried many… We don’t want you feel trapped with the recipes, that’s why we will include Asian style meals into our recipes area.

We have explored various Asian countries and we are so fascinated with not only the culture, but the taste, the spices, the flavor of the food. And imagine you’ll going to have red curry veggies dish, or spicy tofu apart from your usual cheese avocado… We’re overwhelm by just thinking of it.

If you don’t want to miss out what Asian recipe we’ll be coming up, signup for our weekly newsletter. No rubbish, pure information and recipes.

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Now our turn to ask, will you be interested to have your vegetarian keto meal in asian style? If yes, which asian flavor you love? Please share and you might get what you want.

With love

Zayne & Rachie






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