Can I Use Sweetener For Keto Diet

Can I Use Sweetener For Keto Diet?

We usually have this question coming to us – if keto diet allow sweetener to boost the taste of a dish or in cake baking?

Of cause you and I know that sugar is a taboo in ketogenic diet. And for people who started this journey may find that they have some craving for sugar (like sweet tooth!).

It’s normal… You know all of us have been through this, this intense craving that sometimes makes people want to give up!

Well hope is still here. You can still enjoy sweetness for your keto meal, especially in your almond bread, or even coconut flake cakes. All you need to know is what are types of sweetener you can consume that will not harm your body.

Before we introduce you the types of sweetener to use for your keto diet, let’s go through some information about sweetener…

#1 Natural Is Not Everything

When we were searching for sugar replacement, we realise natural sweetener such as honey and fruits are really high in carbs. We maybe looking to have more natural food (rather than process food) in our meal for a better health, still we have to make sure the carb level possess in these natural food is low.

#2 Keto Diet Allow Artificial Sweeteners

The word “artificial” doesn’t means we should totally avoid it. Just like the word “natural”, it doesn’t means they are all good. There’s study concluded that the use of artificial sweeteners doesn’t affect the process of ketosis. Researcher have gave a group of children on ketosis with saccharin of artificial sweenteners. Yet they stay fine in ketosis.

#3 Beware Of Sweetener Trap

Artificial sweetener can do justice to your sweet tooth craving without kicking you off ketosis, on the other hand, there’s potential of you heading into a sweetener trap!

These no calories sweeteners works like mimic to replace your desire of soft drink cakes, ice cream or more… It keeps you thinking back about all these extra snacking tidbits which you don’t actually need them! It tied back to you old eating habits, such as rewarding yourself with sweet food or typically snacking again when you are not hungry at all.

#4 You Need Some Time

As we said at the beginning, if you just started on ketogenic journey, the craving for sugar is real. However, if you give yourself enough time, you’ll find the sweet craving will reduce significantly.

You can still enjoy sweeteners and there’s no reason to deprive yourself of something you enjoy. But do think about it again, do you really need it? Let your body do the finding…

With the understanding of using sweeteners for your ketogenic diet, we now explore what are the types of sweeteners you can consider:

Top Low Carb Sweeteners For Keto Diet


The popularity of stevia has grown tremendously over the past few years being the best sugar replacement for our health.

Made from sugar leaf, stevia has been studied to reduce blood pressure slightly, lower blood glucose and insulin levels in diabetics.

They comes in either liquid form, powder form or even the leaf form itself. If you are looking for conveniences, we recommend the liquid one that using the method of drops into your food. The leaf form require more hardwork like brewing it with hot water and filter it while commercial power form may add fillers like dextrose or cane sugar, containing hidden carbs.

Monk Fruits

In Asia, monk fruit is known as “Luo Han Guo”, a herb fruit from China.

Monk fruit sweetener is made naturally from the antioxidants in the fruit and provides a low-calorie sweetness without the insulin spikes of sugar.

You will be shocked that not only it doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste like Stevia (oops, I think I missed that out), it much sweeter than sugar for 300 times! This maybe consider a natural sweet source, however it is pretty expensive to get a pure monk fruit sweetener without added fillers.



Erythritol is consider a sugar alcohol, typically found in fruits and vegetables. Extract from corn, it’s pretty low in calories with no negative side effects when used in moderation yet a sweet taste for your food.

Most people can absorb erythritol into their body without rising blood sugar level, however some people may face slight stomach discomfort when consumed in large quantities.



You may wonder what is this sweetener?

Aspartame is the most controversial sweetener of all. You’ll find them on the dinning table of a restaurant or a cafe. They are consider a low-carb sweetener (no 0 carb) which you can use it for your daily meal and drinks.

Although there is not much negative studies, you may want to consider using other better alternatives to be cautious.


There are many sweetener out there on the market, which really you can do when selecting them is to look at the labels. Make sure there is no other fillers (sugar free) and low carbs. Very soon, you won’t have this worries as you no longer crave for sugar in your keto diet!

If you still have question which and how to use sweetener for your meal, join our Veketorian Facebook Family to learn more there!

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