Are You Gaining Weight After Turning Vegetarian

Are You Gaining Weight After Turning Vegetarian?

The shift of our lifestyle to Vegetarian is never a thing we will regret. We love the the taste of the veggies meals and we love the idea of protecting more lives. And this diet has been proven by research (including Harvard Medial School) with several major health benefits such as:

  • Heart disease – lower risk for cardiac events (such as a heart attack) and death from cardiac causes.
  • Cancer – evidence that vegetarians have a lower incidence of cancer than nonvegetarians.
  • Type 2 diabetes –  reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes

I mean, what can be worst to adopt such wonderful lifestyle?

The Science Behind Vegetarian Diet

If you’re new to this diet and want to find out more, we have a sharing that talks all about Vegetarian Diet. From the types of vegetarian, how it can help us, what are the food categories to be consume and even how to get started real fast. It’s a simple guide that gives you what you need to know enough to kick off this diet.

But what we want to bring across today is something that people might not be aware…

The Creepy Weight Gain

After months down the road of our new vegetarian journey, I could still recall freshly where we enjoyed the great taste of the new meals prepared by our mum. She is an awesome cook and she will coupled the dishes with Asian culture such as chilies, curry powder, thai sweet & sour sauce, black soya sauce and more.

The traditional vegetarian concept of pure veggies dishes (like salad) has totally cleared from my thoughts (Rachie haha).

While we are enjoying both taste and health of vegetarian diet, we started to notice something…

One of the evening after our routine workout, I (Rachie again) was standing on the weighting scale, looking down on the numbers. To my surprised, I have gained almost 4kgs (which is 8.8 pounds!). To my horrified state, I ran to Zayne and told him what happened.

He wasn’t really taken back from my ultimate weight gain, and later I got to know he has also gain about 2kgs (4.4 pounds).

It was then we got to know l friends around us who are adapting to vegetarian diets are gaining weight without realizing themselves.

So the question here for you, “are you gaining weight after you turn vegetarian?”

Most of us, including you know vegetarian diet is meant to build a better health with plant based diet. In fact, studies stated we can even lost weight with vegetarian… So what’s happening here?

Now The Research

We know something is not right here, and so we got into our research mode to understand why are we gaining weight from taking vegetarian diet.

Till this point, you probably having the same issue. You have gained weight and you just realized it. You eat lesser meals, more exercise or even starve yourself till the stage that your body couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s so frustrating and devastating…

However, if you still bothered about this, let us assure you that things are going to change. When you continue with this post, you going learn the reasons that cause your weight gain. You get to know what you can do to manage this situation and turn your body into a healthy and fat loss machine!

Excited to know? Let’s move on…

Why The Weight Gain?

When we heard our vegetarian friends complaint about getting fatter, we came to know that some are luckier to only gain like 1 to 2 kgs while some are not so lucky (like me Rachie) who gained 4 kgs!!

Such scary weight gain is mainly due to the inbalance of meal intake. From the research we’ve done, there are 5 reasons that contribute to the high possibility of the weight gain:


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