When is Ketosis taking place?

Your body cannot simply goes into ketosis mode within 24 hours time because it take sometime for your body to adjust. So we have come up with 5 effective ways to get you into ketosis quickly:

#1 Know why and How long you willing to continue

The first thing you want to ask yourself, why are you into this diet? What’s your purpose? What’s your goal?

This sounds like simple question but don’t underestimate the power of these question. Why?

Because everything you do is with a purpose (and that’s human). Only when you know your purpose, you will then work towards it and achieve it. Right?

So what do you want from keto diet? Do you want weight loss, better body shape, or better health report?

Or is there something deeper? Something you never realise you are  actually hoping for…

Maybe is the physical energy to run with your kids, or the ability to complete the things you want to do in life? Or to gain more valuable time with your healthier body to enjoy with your love ones?

What you are searching is the motivation for you to keep on this diet.

Let’s face the truth. Ketogenic diet is not a 1 week, 2 weeks diet. At some point on your keto journey, you’ll face the dilemma whether to continue or not. And we are going to tell you now is that this is not a diet plan, this is going to be your lifestyle.

This is how we have been through. If this is vegetarian keto diet is not going to be part of our lifestyle, we probably not able to sustain it for months or even years. So always goes back to what is your main purpose for choosing this diet.

#2 Always Starts with a Plan

There’s many things about keto diet – what to eat, what not to eat and what must eat. What are the needed nutrients for your body and how to calculate the nutrients in your meal etc.

If there is no plan for your new diet change, you’ll probably feel lost and give up easily.

This is why we have create a FREE 7 Day Meal Plan Guide for anyone like you who are starting on this journey. With this guide, you don’t have to worry much.

You’ll learn what are the micronutrients, macronutrients your body need, how to look at nutrition label and make the meal plan for your daily meal. Good or good? Download your copy Here.

#3 Cut Your Carbs & Sugars