Welcome to #Veketorian

Our warm welcome to Veketorian Movement!

We always believe your results is a happy moment and worth sharing, Why not share that happiness with everyone? This is why #VeketorianMovement here aims to help and motivate anyone on vegetarian or going vegetarian with a healthier choice of lifestyle.

We believe you are aware that many people (maybe your family or friends) are burden by excess fats, excess weight, risk of diabetes and heart diseases without knowledge that they reduce with just simple steps. And all of us in this movement aims to help each other gain the awareness of vegetarian keto diet and assist one another on this wonderful journey, together!

This is never gonna be a lonely action. This is going to be an evergrowing family, accompanied by constant support, Q&A, recipes, sharing of result, experiences and success stories to drive more people to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Person Holding Sliced Vegetable

How Veketorian Movement Works

We truly understand that embarking on Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet is a fruitful journey. You might be new to vegetarian with main concern protect animal cruelty, or you could be on vegetarian looking for a better health. Being part of this movement has more reasons to it!

With any good reason, without support from liked-minded community, you might get lost after sometime or even give up even before reaching your desired goal.

We have seen such cases before… Friend started something, put in good time and effort, but gave up just a step before the result. And this means all the hardwork are gone to waste…

We understand this common habit and as we quoted “There’s no cure for laziness. But a large family helps.” And this is why this #VeketorianMovement is designed to help anyone build up momentum and habits of balance meals that your body needs.

With you on this movement, you are like having an accountability partner where everyone on this movement is staying on with the habits. Furthermore, you can leverage this movement to help more people, your family and love ones to lead a better lifestyle by constantly sharing and bring across the message on how this awesome diet has really help you.

So you ready for this?

How You Can Make a Difference to Your Family & Friends

Nothing can compare to the pain of losing someone we knows. We’ve gone through that stage of pain when our father passed on due to cancer few years  back. This gives us the energy & direction to guide more people to gain control of their health, and lives their life without pain and illness.

And you too right?

That’s how you can make a difference to people around you, through this movement. Your sharing of your new lifestyle, new eating habits and massive result is going to be impactful! Many people will gain the awareness from your  sharing. They will join your movement and make the changes to their life, so You can make the difference to them!

How To Get Started

No worries if you are new to vegetarian or ketogenic diet, don’t stress up if you don’t know what to do to get everything started. We’re here to help =)

Simply join in the movement by following the following 3 steps:

Step #1 – Be Part of the Movement

Click on the Link – Vegetarian Ketogenic Lifestyle with Zayne & Rachie and it will direct you to a Facebook group where all the Veketorian Family gathers to discuss and share their experience on this journey.

You can post your question regards to vegetarian ketogenic diet in the group to get some suggestion. No only that, your question can be helpful to the rest of the Veketorian family too.

Lastly like our FB page – Vegetarian Ketogenic Veketorian

Step #2 – Go through the learning units

The learning units are designed and created in the FB group which can be assess by Veketorian Family (which includes you).

You can access the unit from the menu on the left side bar.

And there will be different units created to guide you through starting your own movement.

If you are not available to complete them, no issue as you can track your progress. When you go through each module in the unit and complete them, you can mark complete. Completed module in each unit will be indicated by a green track. So you can continue from the non-green tick section without the needs to remember where you have stop!

Step #3 – Start Sharing & Inviting

The whole purpose of the movement is to let people be aware that  they have the control to choose to lead a healthier lifestyle and even help them get started on this journey with you.

That’s why the group is there to support and provide guidance.

You don’t need more skill to start sharing and invite people to join the movement, it’s going to be something that you’re familiar with.

Let other see what you are doing, what changes you’ve experience, how excited you are and how the changes has impact you. Naturally people will get attracted to what you are doing. Some may even approach you to seek for your advice!

And then, invite them to join the group. In the group, they feel they can also do it and woo, you help someone to potentially lead a better life!

We are glad to see you here, together let’s help more people kick-start with their Vegetarian & Ketogenic lifestyle easier & faster, to promote a happier & healthier body while protecting life!