A Warm Welcome to Veketorian.com – Where we help Eating Ketogenic with Vegetarian Easy for you.

About us

Why Veketorian…

Keto diet or low carb meal has received a lot of attention in the recent year with the focus of weight loss. However, we started this amazing journey not looking for another temporary diet plan or diet challenge to lose weight.

We are looking for a change in our eating habits, our lifestyle by adopting a simple vegetarian ketogenic diet to have a long-term healthier body for us and our family & friends.

Understanding this simple vegetarian keto diet is just a shift in our eating habit. No more starving, no blended taste and no more boring meals. We’re enjoying variety of tasty meals, eating clean & healthy while protecting lives!

What’s more…

We never want to stop here, we want to help and aspires more people, people like you to integrate the power of vegetables and whole foods into your everyday meals, to improve your health more than the average non-vegetarian diet.

How it started?

We noticed there’s a lot of people around us wants to start vegetarian style ketogenic diet but they don’t know where and how to get started. We often received questions on what types of foods that can be eaten, what ingredients to avoid or even how to cook a balance meal.

We realize how these information, especially for people who are new to this diet can be so useful. That’s why we started this site Veketorian, to share this healthy diet of vegetarian keto style in the form of recipes, grocery list, nutrition facts, meal plan & more to help anyone get started easily.




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This guide is not a diet, it’s a well formulated ketogenic meal plan based on vegetarian diet to boost your energy level.