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Your 7 Days Vegetarian Ketogenic Meal Plan

Hello Veketorian!

Get Ready to Turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE with out exclusive Meal Plan!

We have created this 7 Days Asian Fusion Meal Plan, we going to help you stay on track and achieve quick & sustainable result.

This guide is not a diet, its a well formulated ketogenic meal plan based on vegetarian diet to boost your energy level. We always believe our body works well with fresh, variety of whole food and ingredients. There is no starving required and this simple guide we’ve compile is going to bring you a total different result.

This meal guide aims to:

  • Balance your calories to reduce your fat
  • Increase your intake in nutrients-dense foods
  • Reduce sodium, refined sugar & grains
  • Build a healthy eating patterns

To help you create the best meal plan for your body, we’ve broken down our guide into four
easy steps:

It’s completely FREE. You will receive a Digital copy book which includes:

  • The recommended ratio calories intake
  • How to read nutrients in meal
  • Balancing of meal to ensure you have the right amount of nutrients
  • What food should you eat
  • Weekly meal plan list
  • Planned grocery list
  • Additional 26 Asian food recipes

With is guide, you can change your eating habits and lifestyle easily to a long term healthier body.

Furthermore, be part of the #VeketorianMovement to help more people around us to learn more about vegetarian ketogenic diet and use the power of food to become our very best.

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You wouldn’t never feel lost preparing yourself for this diet.

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